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ecoAmbassadors engage EPA with communities across the country

Communities are the place where individuals join together in powerful ways to make change. Across the U.S. many communities are embarking on projects to help residents become part of an environmentally conscious future.

Because we want to empower you and help you make your community healthier and safer, we have launched the ecoAmbassadors program. Through this program, EPA will work with a variety of different community spaces across the country. Through the ecoAmbassadors program EPA will provide training and guidance that can be taken back to the community and put into practice.


Working with school representatives and fellow students, OnCampus ecoAmbassadors implement projects from EPA programs to help green their campuses, promote environmental awareness and carry out the EPA's mission to protect human health and the environment. Learn more about the OnCampus ecoAmbassadors initiative.


If you live on American Indian tribal lands or work with tribal communities and you want to learn more about this program, see our Tribal ecoAmbassadors page.

Environmental Justice (EJ)

The EJ ecoAmbassador program, in partnership with EPA's Student Diversity Internship Program, is providing student internship opportunities focusing on environmental justice. Learn more on our EJ ecoAmbassadors page.

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