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About the OnCampus ecoAmbassadors Program

Working with school representatives and fellow students, OnCampus ecoAmbassadors implement projects from EPA programs to help green their campuses, promote environmental awareness and carry out the EPA's mission to protect human health and the environment.

The state of the natural environment impacts everything related to our survival and well-being. In order to live a healthy life, and to provide a healthy life for future generations, we need a healthy environment. Even the simplest choices that we make from day to day can have a lasting impact. There are countless resources that can help people live more eco-friendly lives, but many are unaware that these resources even exist. EcoAmbassadors are able to empower students by providing them with the vital knowledge and tools necessary to make better environmental decisions in their daily lives.

OnCampus ecoAmbassadors choose to implement one environmental activity from a menu of options, such as increasing energy efficiency on campus, reducing water use, and implementing a composting program. Students are encouraged to recruit help from friends and organization on campus. There’s no limit to the number of projects students can complete!

ecoAmbassadors are equipped with EPA materials and a Facebook community to engage members of their campus and students across the country. Upon completion of each activity and sponsor endorsement, each student will receive a certificate of completion from the EPA and the school will receive sustainability leaves to track progress.  Schools that complete activities of higher difficulty will be awarded more leaves.   Students from schools that complete multiple activities within a school year will have the opportunity to visit the EPA at both the regional and national level.  During these spring semester visits, students will meet with program staff and leadership.

To take part in the OnCampus ecoAmbassadors Program you must be a college student attending any two or four year institution, undergraduate or graduate.OnCampus ecoAmbassadors are not official EPA interns.  Check with your school to see if you can receive credit for completion of projects.

To see which schools are participating and what projects they're doing, click on the Sustainability Challenge button above!

How to Participate
  1. Identify a school sponsor (faculty or administration)

  2. Register online

  3. Select an Activity to implement

  4. Complete the project or event

  5. Submit a program implementation report

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Contac Us

For more information, contact epaoncampus@epa.gov


Earth Day Event

The EPA OnCampus team would like to invite you and your campus to participate in our 2012 Earth Day event, Pump it Up. We're asking schools across America to reinvent the car wash. Instead of cleaning cars, they'll be inflating tires to save drivers money on their gas bill and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Pump it Up is happening Earth Day weekend, April 21-22. Just follow the checklist below to join in!

 View the Pump It Up Checklist PDF (1pp, 125K, About PDF)

 View the Pump It Up Poster PDF (1pp, 306K, About PDF)

 View the Pump It Up Flyer PDF (1pp, 355K, About PDF)

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