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Instructions for Using SMART BET

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Download the SMART BET Calculator in Microsoft Excel format (379K, XLS, Download Microsoft Excel Viewer)

This tool is designed to estimate the impact of implementing a Saving Money and Reducing Trash (SMART) (also known as Pay as You Throw or PAYT) program. The population entered on the Input Sheet should correspond to the residential population to be affected by the implementation of SMART, and the tons of residential waste currently recycled and disposed should correspond to the same population.

To use this tool you will need the following minimum information:

Additional information that can be used to further tailor your results:

All user information is entered on the Input Sheet.

Microsoft Excel Security
Since the SMART BET employs macros, you must have Excel security set to allow the use of macros. The following are directions for applying the correct security settings for Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.

Excel 2003
To operate SMART BET, you must have Excel security set to medium (recommended) or low (not recommended). To change this setting, launch Microsoft Excel before opening the SMART BET tool. Once in Excel, go to the Tools menu, click on the Macro sub-menu, and then select "Security". The Security box will appear. Click on the "Security Level" tab and select medium. When set to high, macros are automatically disabled; when set to medium, Excel will give you the choice to enable macros; when set to low, macros are always enabled. When Excel security is set to medium, users are asked upon opening the tool whether to enable macros. Macros must be enabled in order for the SMART BET tool to work. Once they are enabled, the tool will open to the introduction page.

Excel 2007
To allow macros in Excel 2007, launch Microsoft Excel 2007 before opening the SMART BET tool. Once in Excel, select the "Office" icon in the top left-hand corner and click on “Excel Options” in the bottom right-hand corner of the dropdown list. In the Excel Options window, select the "Trust Center" section and click on the "Trust Center Settings..." box. Within the Trust Center Settings window, select the Macro Settings section and select the button for "Disable all macros with notification”. Within the Trust Center settings window, select the Message Bar and select the "Show the Message Bar in all applications when content has been blocked" if not previously selected. Next, open the SMART BET tool. You will notice a security warning bar above the tool indicating that macros have been disabled. Select the "Options..." button next to the warning. In the "Microsoft Office Security Options" window that pops up, select "Enable this content" and click OK.

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