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Science Notebook

Science Notebook: Preparedness

The Science and Preparedness of Response:  explore some of the scientific instruments and techniques EPA uses to stay prepared and ready to respond.

If an emergency occurs, EPA has trained emergency responders and scientists on standby ready to hit the ground running. Whether we're responding to chemical, oil, biological, or radiological releases or even large-scale national emergencies, EPA responders use a wide variety of scientific equipment and instruments to protect human health and the environment. Check out some of our cool scientific tools to better understand the science behind EPA's preparedness and response activities.

EPA on the Science Track

Emergency responders set up mobile command post at the NASCAR Pocono race

When you think of NASCAR you might think of thousands of exhilarated fans and cars screaming around the track but do you think of EPA and science? You should! Attend the NASCAR Pocono Race with EPA's emergency responders and scientists to learn exactly what EPA is doing at the Pocono Motor Speedway.

About the Science Notebook

To see the world through the eyes of
a scientist, just open his or her
notebook — a place to record drawings,
data, questions and insights.
Similarly, EPA's Science Notebook
offers a window into science at
EPA, through stories, interviews,
videos, podcasts and more.

Greenversations with Scientists

Science Notebook and EPA's blog Greenversations team up to present an on-going series of personal reflections by EPA scientists.

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RadNet Game

Assemble a RadNet monitor. How fast can you assemble the station?

Watch a video about MERL (below) and check out more videos and slideshows about EPA's preparedness tools

Running time 4:31

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