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Science Notebook

Science Notebook

Say the word "wetland" and everyone pictures something different.  Freshwater, salt water, small or large - there is a diversity of wetlands across the country and a diversity EPA scientists studying them.

Put on your waders and slap on some sunscreen! It's time to head into the field to discover the wonderful world of wetlands. EPA scientists are busy investigating many aspects of wetlands ecology throughout the United States. Meet wetlands scientists, visit field sites, take a quiz or two, or watch some slideshows as we visit four wetlands areas around the nation.

Wetlands in the Pacific Northwest Great Lakes coastal wetlands  Gulf Coast wetlands  New England wetlands

About the Science Notebook

To see the world through the eyes of
a scientist, just open his or her
notebook — a place to record drawings,
data, questions and insights.
Similarly, EPA's Science Notebook
offers a window into science at
EPA, through stories, interviews,
videos, podcasts and more.

Greenversations with Scientists

Science Notebook and EPA's blog Greenversations team up to present an on-going series of personal reflections by EPA scientists.

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