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Hurricane Sandy Response

Fact sheets

Forward, share, or print the handouts below for anyone working on flood cleanup. Many of the factsheets below are also in Spanish or Chinese.

Hurricane Sandy Hotline Contacts
Children's Health
Disinfecting Germs
Flood Cleanup
Household Hazardous Waste
Oil Cleanup
Underground Storage Tanks

Hurricane Sandy Hotline Contacts:

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Post-Disaster Renovations and Asbestos for Homeowners and Workers (PDF) (2 pg, about PDF) Many homes, particularly older homes, may contain asbestos, a known carcinogen. Homeowners should contact state or local public health authorities if they believe a damaged building contains asbestos.

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Children's Health:

Protect Your Children (PDF) (4 pp. about PDF) There may be direct and indirect health consequences of floods. Direct exposure to the water and the flooded environment put children at risk for drowning, injuries from debris, chemical contamination, and hypothermia.

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Disinfecting Germs:

Kill Germs With Bleach (PDF) (1 pg, about PDF), from CDC. After a flood, germs will grow in your house. They can make you sick. Use bleach to kill germs on things touched by flood water.

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Flood Cleanup:

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Household Hazardous Waste:

Household Hazardous Waste (PDF) (2 pp, about PDF). If your home was flooded, be aware that you may have chemical hazards in your home. These products contain potentially hazardous ingredients that require special care when you dispose of them.

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Get Rid Of Mold (PDF) (1 pp, about PDF), from CDC. After a flood, mold will grow in your house. It can make you sick. You will need to clean your house.

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Oil Cleanup:

Dealing with Oil Contamination in Homes (PDF) (2 pp, about PDF) EPA, along with other federal, state and local agencies want people to be aware of possible threats to human health and the environment associated with petroleum products and other environmental hazards.

Hurricane Sandy Cleanup: Oil Contamination in Soil (PDF) (1 pp, about PDF) Deposits of home heating oil and other petroleum products cause odors and are generally difficult to clean up. You can smell most pollutants well below levels that would cause health problems.

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Post-Disaster Renovations and Lead-Based Paint (PDF) (2 pg, about PDF). Natural disasters often result in the need for renovations to damaged homes and other structures. To ensure that property owners and occupants are able to act quickly to preserve their homes and property in the wake of disasters, the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule includes an emergency provision exempting firms from certain requirements.

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Underground Storage Tanks:

Underground Storage Tank Flood Guide (PDF) (32 pp, about PDF). EPA developed this guide to help provide information to localities, states, and tribes when addressing relevant compliance challenges that may arise after a flood.

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Environmental Information for New York and New Jersey Local Governments Regarding Abandoned Boats Destroyed or Damaged by Hurricane Sandy
Abandoned Vehicles Destroyed or Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

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