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Highlights of OMB Revised Guidance to on Measuring and Reporting Job Estimates

OMB issued Updated Guidance on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act—Data Quality, Non-Reporting Recipients, and Reporting of Job Estimates (memorandum M-10-08) (PDF) (188K, 24 pp., about PDF) ("OMB's guidance") on December 18, 2009. Part 2 of this memorandum updates Section 5: Reporting on Jobs Creation Estimates by Recipients (OMB memorandum M-09-21, June 22, 2009, (PDF)) (41pp, 550k, about PDF) ("OMB Memorandum M-09-21"). Below are some of the key highlights and content of the revised guidance to assist EPA’s recipients in estimating jobs created and retained. This summary does not include all of the issues raised in OMB’s guidance and we recommend that recipients also review the full OMB memorandum.

Because this new guidance modifies previous definitions and calculations, EPA has removed prior supplemental jobs guidance from this Web site.

Key Highlights

OMB’s guidance includes:



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