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Biopesticides New Active Ingredient Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2008

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Date Issued: November 14, 2007

Because due dates change, actions are completed, and other actions are withdrawn, this listing will be updated at least once each Quarter.



Chemical Pesticide Type Uses
PRIA Due Date
OPP Expected Completion Registrant
Fox urine Animal repellent Garden areas 12/11/07 1st Quarter 08 Shake Away
Calcium lactate Attractant Mosquitoes 2/15/08 2nd Quarter Ticks or Mosquitoes
Chenopodium ambrosiodes extract Insecticide Ornamental Greenhouse Turf 3/21/08 2nd Quarter 08 AgraQuest
Bacillus firmus St 1582 Nematicide & PGR Food crops & ornamentals 4/11/08 3rd Quarter 08 Agrogreen
(2 new ais) Bt cotton VIP3A + modified Cry1Ab Event COT67B Insecticide Cotton 4/20/08 3rd Quarter 08 Syngenta
Bt Cry1A.105 Mon 89034 Insecticide Corn 6/10/08 3rd Quarter 08 Monsanto
Trichoderma harizatum TH 382 Fungicide Food crops & ornamentals 6/27/08 3rd Quarter 08 Sellew
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate Herbicide (algae) Lakes, ponds, lagoons, ornamental ponds, irrigation systems, reservoirs 6/30/08 3rd Quarter 08 Coeur d'Alene Fiber Fuels
Catnip oil Insect repellent Human skin 6/30/08 3rd Quarter 08 Dupont
Activated sewage sludge Repellent Deer; around gardens 8/15/08 4th Quarter Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District

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