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Biopesticides New Active Ingredient Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2006

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This plan was current as of April 3, 2006.




Chemical Pesticide Type Uses
PRIA Due Date
OPP Expected Completion Registrant
Verticilium dahliae Fungicide Dutch Elm Disease
Elm Trees
10/27/2005 1st Quarter
Bacterio-phages Bactericide Tomatoes & peppers 12/09/2005 1st Quarter
Omni Lytics
Cry3Bb1 MON 88017 PIP Insecticide Corn root worm 01/24/2006 Target Date
1st Quarter
Sorbitol Octanoate Insecticide Agricultural and horticultural crops 01/17/2006 Target Date
1st Quarter
Ava Chemical Ventures
Salicyclic Acid Fungicide Food Crops 01/21/2006 2nd Quarter
Oriental Mustard Seed Nematicide Turf 02/11/2006 2nd Quarter
Can Not Grant
Chenopodium ambrosiodes extract Insecticide Ornamental Greenhouse Truf 03/02/2006 Now 9/24/2006 4th Quarter Codena, Inc.
Coyote Urine (Legup) Mammalian repellent Residental In and Outdoor 03/30/2006 Now 12/15/2006 FY 2007 Legup Enterprises
Coyote Urine Mammalian repellent Residential In and Outdoor 03/31/2006 2nd Quarter Completed 3/29/06 ShakeAway
Methyl Eugenol Attractant Fruit fly control 04/07/2006 3rd Quarter Farma Tech
(Z,E)-9,12-Teradecadien-1-yl acetate Pheromone Beet army worm 04/09/2006 3rd Quarter Completed 3/31/06 Suterra
Collectotricum gloeosporiodes Herbicide Northern joint vetch 6/03/2007 3rd Quarter
Agricultural Research Initiatives
(Z,E)-3,13-Octadecadienol Pheromone Western poplar clearwing moth 6/3/2006 3rd Quarter Suttera
Pantoea agglomerans c91 Fungicide Fire blight 05/03/2006 3rd Quarter NuFarm
Potassium silicate Fungicide/Insecticide Food crops Ornamentals 05/13/2006 3rd Quarter PQ Corporation
Streptomyces galbus Insecticide Food Crops 05/15/2006 3rd Quarter
VIP3A Bt Cotton Insecticide (PIP) Cotton 05/28/2006 3rd Quarter
Beauvaria bassiana H123 Insecticide Chicken manure 06/27/2006 3rd Quarter JABB of the Carolinas
Sodium Ferric
Molluskicide Slugs & Snails 6/27/06 3rd Quarter Woodstream
Mir Cry 3A PIP Insecticide Corn Root Worm 07/03/2006 Now 10/03/2006 4th Quarter
1st Quarter 07
Fox Urine Mammalian repellent Residential In and Outdoor 07/03/2006 4th Quarter ShakeAway
Pantoea agglomerans D325 Fungicide Fireblight 07/31/2006 4th Quarter Northwest Ag Products
Oceanic (chlorite) clay Fungicide and PGR Food Crops 07/31/2006 4th Quarter Ironwood Clay
Pythium ologandrum DV74 Fungicide Food crops & ornamentals 08/21/2006 4th Quarter Biopreparatory Co. Ltd.
Annonium pelagronage Herbicide Ornamentals 09/21/2006 4th Quarter Falcon Labs

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