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Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Rulemaking

2013 Final Rule

In 2013, EPA issued a final rule that modifies the hazardous waste management regulations for solvent-contaminated wipes under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Specifically, this rule revises the definition of solid waste to conditionally exclude solvent-contaminated wipes that are cleaned and reused and revises the definition of hazardous waste to conditionally exclude disposable solvent-contaminated wipes. The purpose of this final rule is to provide a consistent regulatory framework for solvent-contaminated wipes that is appropriate to the level of risk posed by these wipes in a way that maintains protection of human health and the environment, while reducing overall compliance costs for industry, many of which are small businesses.

Federal Register - Final Rule - (July 31, 2013)

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Supporting Information

The docket for this rulemaking is EPA-HQ-RCRA-2003-0004 and can be accessed at Regulations.gov

Final Risk Analysis for Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Final Rule

2009 Notice of Data Availability (NODA)

In response to the 2003 proposed rule EPA received comments questioning the validity of the risk screening analysis and the modeling assumptions used to support the proposal. To address those comments, EPA developed a revised risk analysis. This action presents the findings of and seeks comment on the new analysis.

The revised risk analysis includes an updated estimate of the quantity of solvents on wipes and in laundry sludge that may be disposed in municipal solid waste landfills and uses a more representative municipal solid waste landfill model. The revised risk analysis shows that 8 of the 20 solvents evaluated could pose risk to human health, at or above levels generally of concern, if disposed in an unlined municipal solid waste landfill. In a composite lined landfill, tetrachloroethylene showed a potential for human health risk at levels generally of concern when disposed wipes and laundry sludge are co-disposed.

Federal Registers

Documents for Public Review and Comment

The 2009 Revised Risk Analysis and associated background information for public review and comment are available through Regulations.gov under Docket ID EPA-HQ-2003-0004. Links to the three risk analysis documents and appendices are below. (If necessary, scroll down the linked page to find the main document below the attachments.) Background references supporting these documents are other document ID numbers EPA-HQ-RCRA-2003-0004-0415 through EPA-HQ-RCRA-2003-0004-0440. (Click on the ID column to order the documents by ID number.)

Peer Review Documents for 2009 Risk Analysis

2003 Proposed Rule

EPA proposed to modify its hazardous waste management regulations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for certain solvent-contaminated materials, such as reusable shop towels, rags, disposable wipes and paper towels. Specifically, EPA proposed to:

Supporting information for this notice is available under Docket ID EPA-HQ-RCRA-2003-0004.

Federal Registers

Supporting Information

- Supporting information for the Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Rulemaking is available through Regulations.gov under Docket ID EPA-HQ-2003-0004. This includes:

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