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Hazardous Waste Regulations: User-Friendly Reference Documents

Web based documents consist of the regulations themselves, linked to the relevant Federal Register notices, background documents, and previously issued policy letters or guidance memoranda.  The documents do not contain any new requirements, policy, or guidance.

The objective of these documents is to consolidate and streamline the information on these subjects, help EPA staff, state staff,  the regulated community, and the public understand the hazardous waste regulations.

These documents are only a reference and are not to be used as a substitute for the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) itself, or the requirements contained in the CFR. These documents are not a rulemaking. Most states are authorized to manage their own hazardous waste programs. Therefore, states may have their own regulations that apply in lieu of federal regulations, and while most state hazardous waste regulations are based on the federal requirements, some states have developed regulations more stringent than the federal program.

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