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Voluntary Partnership Programs

EPA's partnership programs rely on voluntary goals and commitments to achieve measurable environmental results in a timely and cost-effective way. Program partners include small and large businesses, citizens groups, state and local governments, universities, and trade associations. Focusing on pollution prevention, organizations set and reach environmental goals such as conserving water and energy, or reducing greenhouse gases, toxic emissions, solid wastes, indoor air pollution, and pesticides. Below is a list of some of the programs.

Air Quality

Best Workplaces for Commuters Exit EPA
This program offers innovative solutions to commuting challenges faced by employers and employees. It provides the tools, guidance, and promotion necessary to help U.S. employers of any size incorporate commuter benefits into their standard benefits plan, reap financial benefits, and gain national recognition.

Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools
The EPA's Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools kit helps schools and school districts carry out a practical plan of action to prevent and resolve most Indoor Air Quality problems at a low cost by using straightforward activities and in-house staff.

It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air Exit EPA
This program seeks to inform the public about the connection between their transportation choices, traffic congestion and air pollution, and emphasizes simple, convenient actions people can take to improve air quality and reduce congestion.

SunWise School Program
SunWise partner schools sponsor classroom and schoolwide activities that raise children's awareness of stratospheric ozone depletion, UV radiation, and simple sun safety practices.

Energy Efficiency and Global Climate Change

Climate Leaders
Climate Leaders encourages companies to develop long-term comprehensive climate change strategies and set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals.

Energy Star
This program maximizes energy efficiency in commercial, industrial, and residential settings by promoting new building and product designs and practices. For more information, call (888) STAR-YES.

Green Power Partnership
The Green Power Partnership encourages organizations to use green power as a part of best-practice environmental management.

Natural Gas STAR
Program partners in the natural gas industry reduce methane losses through cost-effective best management practices. To learn more about Natural Gas Star, please contact the EPA program manager, Roger Fernandez, at (202) 343-9386.

Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP)
This voluntary assistance and partnership program helps businesses, states, and communities facilitate and promote the use of landfill gas as a renewable energy source. For more information, visit the LMOP Web site or call the LMOP hotline toll-free at (888) 782-7937.

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Labeling Initiatives

Consumer Labeling Initiative
Program partners work to make important health, safety, and environmental information on household product labels easier to find, read, understand, and use.

Pollution Prevention

Design for the Environment
Design for the Environment helps businesses incorporate environmental considerations into the design of products, processes, and technical and management systems.

Green Chemistry
This program promotes the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. To learn more about Green Chemistry, call (202) 564-8740.

Green Suppliers Network
The Green Supplier Network, a collaborative venture between industry and EPA, works with all levels of the manufacturing supply chain to achieve environmental and economic benefits. GSN improves performance, minimizes waste generation and removes institutional roadblocks through its innovative approach to leveraging a national network of manufacturing technical assistance resources.

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Regulatory Innovation

National Environmental Performance Track
The National Environmental Performance Track is designed to motivate and reward top environmental performance by facilities of all sizes and types. For more information, visit the Performance Track Web site or call (888) 339-PTRK.


Adopt Your Watershed!
Program partners work with EPA to protect and restore rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, groundwater, and estuaries. To learn more about Adopt Your Watershed!, call (888) 478-2051.

EPA's Water Use Efficiency Program
This web site provides an overview of EPA's Water Efficiency Program which is primarily concerned with municipal water use. Efficient water use helps to reduce the need for costly water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, helps maintain stream flows and healthy aquatic habitats, and reduces the energy used to pump, heat and treat water.

Additional Programs

For a complete list of EPA's partnership programs, visit the Partnership Programs Web page.

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