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Climate and Waste Publications

EPA Climate Publications | Other Publications

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Getting the Most Out of Your Climate Profile (PDF) (2 pp, 2.1MB)
One of the most useful tools that WasteWise provides its partners is the Climate Profile. Every year, WasteWise develops these individualized progress reports for all partners that submit annual data during the reporting season. You can use this invaluable tool to educate employees, management, and the general public on the positive climate impacts of your WasteWise related efforts. The Climate Profile transforms your waste reduction data into an easy-to understand format—reporting GHG emission reductions achieved through your waste reduction activities. For example, if you reported recycling 200,000 pounds of aluminum cans, the Climate Profile will translate that activity into real life equivalents such as annual GHG emissions from "324 passenger vehicles" and "170,387 gallons of gasoline."

Prioritizing Your Climate-Waste Activities (PDF) (2 pp, 101K)
October 2005
This document guides WasteWise partners in prioritizing waste prevention and recycling efforts based on materials that have the greatest greenhouse gas emission reduction potential.

Don't "Waste" Your Chance To Do Your Share—How To Reduce Your Climate Footprint (PDF) (16 pp, 1.6MB)
June 2005
This how-to guide will help partners better understand the connection between climate change and wastehelping minimize climate footprints through waste reduction. Plus it explains how to educate management, employees, and the general public about the climate-waste connection and spreading the word about WasteWise-related accomplishments.

Climate Case Studies (PDF) (8 pp, 900K)
October 2004
This document contains case studies on innovative waste reduction activities that reduce global climate change. The following WasteWise partners are featured: Target Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox Corporation, Pepco, Springs Industries, and Crown Holdings.

WasteWise Bulletin: Climate (PDF) (4 pp, 210K)
September/October 2002
This WasteWise Bulletin focuses on climate change and waste, introduces the WasteWise Climate Change Toolkit and EPA's WARM Calculator, and highlights Allergan, Inc.'s innovative climate efforts.

Why "Waste" a Cool Planet: MSW Solutions to Global Climate Change
This video, broadcast nationally in December 2000, is dedicated to educating businesses and state and local governments about the relationship between solid waste management and climate change.

To order a free copy of this video, contact the WasteWise HelpLine at (800) EPA-WISE (372-9473) or e-mail wastewisehelp@epa.gov for more information

Climate Change Case Studies
These case studies feature WasteWise partners that have made climate activities an important part of their WasteWise.

EPA Climate Publications

Waste Reduction Model (WARM)
WARM is a tool to help solid waste planners and organizations track and voluntarily report greenhouse gas emissions reductions from several different waste management practices.

Reusable News: Fall 2001 (PDF) (8 pp, 482K)
This EPA newsletter issue contains articles on the link between climate change and waste management.

Climate Change Kids Site
The Climate Change Kids site is designed to educate children about climate change. The website presents the potential causes and effects of climate change along with explanations of the greenhouse effect and the global climate system. In addition, the site describes several methods for reducing climate change. The site also includes a glossary of relevant terms, online games, and links to related websites.

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Other Publications

WasteAge Magazine: "Keeping It Cool" Exit EPA
September 2001
This article discusses how new software and management techniques can help reduce methane and minimize greenhouse gases.

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