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WasteWise Logo – Guidelines for Use

Important Information

Who Can Use The Logo?
WasteWise partners with approved baseline data

How Can I Get The Logo?
Email the WasteWise Helpline at wastewisehelp@epa.gov

What Formats Are Available?
Hard copy (b/w), camera-ready mechanicals, and electronic versions.

Please take a moment to review the WasteWise logo use guidelines below. Partners who have submitted their baseline data and goals are eligible to use the logo. The logo is updated each year and available to partners who finalize and submit their annual data. Please contact the WasteWise Helpline at (800) EPA-WISE (372-9473) or wastewisehelp@epa.gov to request the most recent WasteWise logo files. Additionally, please contact the Helpline if you have any questions about using the logo or when to use the disclaimer.

How can the WasteWise logo be used?

The WasteWise logo may be used to promote participation in WasteWise, to promote WasteWise to other businesses, or to promote waste reduction in general. The WasteWise logo may not be used in any way that could be perceived as an endorsement by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or WasteWise of a company’s product(s) or service(s). To help prevent such confusion, the logo must be used with the following disclaimer in a clearly readable manner on all advertisements, product or service literature, or any other materials that include or promote a specific product or service:

"Use of this logo does not imply EPA endorsement."

When is the disclaimer unnecessary?

The WasteWise logo may be used without the disclaimer on internal communications and on any materials that promote WasteWise, the organization’s participation in WasteWise, or waste reduction in general, but which do not refer to any product or service.

What are some examples of approved uses of the WasteWise logo?

The WasteWise logo may be used on internal and external communications to publicize participation in WasteWise. Examples of internal uses include recycling bins, newsletters, and posters. External communications include advertising, press releases, annual reports, and websites. The WasteWise logo must be used in its entirety, without alterations or modifications, unless specifically allowed in writing by EPA. For additional examples, please see Creative Ways to Use the WasteWise Logo.

What are some prohibited uses of the WasteWise logo?

The WasteWise logo may never be applied directly (as a decal, label, or in any other form) to a product or on any materials used in the primary packaging* of such products, nor used in any way that could be interpreted as a direct or implied endorsement by EPA of a product or service. Any such use will result in an immediate revocation of the organization’s eligibility to use the logo.

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Where can the WasteWise logo be placed?

In advertising and promotional materials, the logo should be adjacent to the company name or placed in a corner of the page or advertisement block, separated from the text and photographs of the products or services being promoted. The logo may not be placed in the body of the text or immediately next to or below a photograph or other depiction of the product or service being promoted. For internal company communications and on materials that promote WasteWise or waste reduction and that do not refer to any products or services, logo placement is not restricted.

Can the logo be used on transport packaging?

Yes, the logo may be used on shipping boxes, grocery bags, or other types of intermediary packaging. WasteWise encourages partners to place the logo on transport packaging to increase its visibility. The logo may be used freely on any packaging that is not primary product packaging*.

*Primary packaging includes product packaging that the consumer sees prior to making a purchase.

Can the logo be used on primary product packaging* that the consumer receives?

The logo cannot be used on primary packaging, because this use might appear to be an EPA endorsement of the product. Any use of the logo that the consumer might logically interpret as an EPA endorsement of a product or service is prohibited. However, when the primary product packaging also serves as the transport packaging, the logo may be used with appropriate disclaimers.

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