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Creative Ways to Use the WasteWise Logo

How can you educate your employees about your company's involvement with WasteWise and get them excited to participate? Motivate employees and familiarize them with the WasteWise name by using the WasteWise logo in creative ways. Many partners find that hearing and seeing the WasteWise name increases employee participation in the program and helps partners reach their WasteWise goals. Some of the ideas for logo uses include:

Demonstrate your partnership with EPA by placing the logo on your environmental performance page or inserting a page dedicated to your WasteWise activities.

Corporate Reports
The logo plus a description of your WasteWise activities can enhance corporate reports or environmental performance reviews.

Recycling Bins
Demonstrates that your recycling program is part of a nationwide effort and adds a recognizable symbol to your system.

Shipping Boxes, Grocery Bags, or Other Packaging
This is a great way to show customers that your organization is a partner in WasteWise. (Remember, must be used with disclaimer.)

WasteWise Posters or Flyers
Customize a downloadable poster or flyer from the WasteWise website. Use it in your production area to remind employees how to prevent waste and recycle properly, or to list environmental facts showing the benefits of waste reduction.

Press Releases, Public Service Announcements, or Magazine Ads
Inform the public about your environmental achievements and spread the waste reduction message! (Remember, must be used with disclaimer.)

Ink Stamps for use on Envelopes
Stamping the logo on reused envelopes helps recipients understand why old addresses may be crossed out or covered with a label. One WasteWise company uses a stamp that says “This envelope is being reused to reduce waste and cost by [Insert COMPANY NAME]. Another WasteWise Project!”

Internal Newsletters and Bulletins
Keep employees up-to-date on how they can help prevent waste and garner their support. Electronically distributed newsletters also save paper!

Reusable Mugs
Encourages the use of reusable products.

Show suppliers, constituents, customers, and clients that you are environmentally conscious.

Trade Show Exhibits
Display your organization's environmental awareness.

Placemats and Trayliners
For restaurants and partners with public cafeterias, this is a great opportunity to positively influence customers' and employees' habits.

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