Climate and Energy Resources for State, Local and Tribal Governments

Take Action

In this phase, learn how to design and implement the actions you identified in the Set Goals & Select Actions phase. Click on the images below to access step-by-step guidance and resources for three types of local government efforts.

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Promote Green Government Operations
Adopt a Policy
Engage the Community

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Promote Green Government Operations »

Make government-managed infrastructure, operations, and investments more sustainable and resilient.

Aerial view of solar panels on a municipal buildingFor example:

  • Conduct energy efficiency retrofits of city hall.
  • Install solar-powered electronic parking meters.
  • Use reusable mugs at meetings.
  • Incentivize staff use of alternate transportation.
  • Locate public services near transit options.
  • Improve community drainage infrastructure.

Adopt a Policy »

Mandate action with new or updated rules, regulations, ordinances, laws, or plans.

Municipal staff sitting around a meeting tableFor example:

  • Revise building codes to promote energy efficiency.
  • Adopt solar access policies.
  • Adopt mandatory recycling or composting laws.
  • Adopt anti-idling restrictions.
  • Establish parking maximums.
  • Adopt landscape ordinances to encourage green infrastructure.

Engage the Community »

Promote voluntary actions and encourage behavior change by community members.

Staff members talking with community members about native plants at an information table at a farmer's marketFor example:

  • Conduct a small business energy challenge.
  • Provide rebates for solar energy installation.
  • Offer a curbside recycling service.
  • Conduct outreach and education about alternate transportation.
  • Host a forum on smart growth.
  • Install a green- or cool-roof demonstration project.

The Take Action phase focuses on the key steps in designing and implementing the projects and programs that fall under each of these categories, including key questions to consider and how to avoid or overcome common challenges. The phase focuses on implementation and process, rather than on technical project types.

For information on projects organized by sector, visit the Topics section of the website. Topics include:

For cross-cutting implementation tips, see the Effective Practices Tip Sheets.

EPA’s Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series also provides details on designing, implementing, and evaluating programs in different sectors.