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AVERT Tutorial: Statistical Module: Overview

Statistical Module: Overview

AVERT’s Statistical Module uses raw data from EPA CAMD to determine behavioral characteristics of fossil-fired units. It generates packages of regional historical data for use in the Main Module.

The Statistical Module can also generate packages of data for scenarios in which you alter EGU characteristics, retire old EGUs, and/or add new EGUs. See the Future Year Scenario Template: Overview for more information on how to create future year scenarios.

Using the Statistical Module entails nine steps:

  1. Determine Windows operating environment.
  2. Download the Statistical Module executable.
  3. Download CAMD database for the desired base year.
  4. Install MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR).
  5. If desired, complete a Future Year Scenario Template for the same base year.
  6. Launch the AVERT Statistical Module executable.
  7. Choose your base-year for analysis.
  8. Choose a base or future year scenario.
  9. Choose region(s) of interest.

Before you begin, you will need to download the AVERT Statistical Module. Note that the Statistical Module requires a Windows operating system.

For more information, please view the Statistical Module Step-by-Step Instructions slides (PDF).

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