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AVERT Tutorial: Run AVERT for Multiple Regions if Needed

Run AVERT for Multiple Regions if Needed

If you are using AVERT for a state that is split across AVERT boundaries, you might need to run AVERT more than once. For example, if you want to capture the impacts of a statewide EE/RE program in a state that is in multiple AVERT regions, EPA recommends that you apportion the EE/RE impact based on the proportional generation provided in Appendix G of the user manual.  Run AVERT once for each region, then aggregate the results from all the regions you ran.

See Getting Started – Identify Your AVERT Region(s) to learn more about how to identify your AVERT region(s) and determine whether your scenario requires you to run the tool for multiple regions. If you need to run AVERT for more than one region, you can save multiple versions of the AVERT Main Module to retain your data.

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To view an example case, watch the demonstration on using AVERT for states in multiple regions(8 MB)

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