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Materials from April 2010 Mexico Workshop on Reducing Air Pollution from Ships

As part of a U.S.-Mexico Fuel Switching Demonstration, EPA and SEMARNAT jointly sponsored a workshop entitled “Reducing Air Pollution from Ships: Fuel Switching Demonstration in the Gulf of Mexico,” Veracruz, Mexico, April 16, 2010. Below the workshop report and annexes are listed. 

All files from this workshop may be downloaded below.

Workshop report (15 pp, 87 K) 
Summary of workshop discussions and presentations.
Annexes to the Workshop report
Annex I – Spanish News Media Reports (in Spanish)
  • AZ Newspaper (1 p, 115 K)
  • El Dictamen Newspaper (2 pp, 421 K)
  • Imagen Newspaper (1 p, 1 M)
  • Internet article 1 (6 pp, 153 K)
  • Internet article 2 (5 pp, 75 K)
Annex II – Participant’s List (6 pp, 662 K)
List of participants who participated in the workshop on April 16, 2010 in Veracruz, Mexico.
Annex III – Powerpoint presentation: “Mexico’s Experience with Regulating Ship Emissions,” (14 pp, 435 K) (in Spanish), presenter: Ramiro Barrios, SEMARNAT
Annex IV - Powerpoint presentation: “U.S.-Mexico Demonstration of Fuel Switching on an Ocean Going Vessel in the Gulf of Mexico,” (11 pp, 581 K) presenter: Louis Browning, ICF International
Powerpoint presentation about EPA fuel switching demonstration, including emission reduction statistics and associated fuel cost.
Annex V – Powerpoint presentation: “Overview of U.S. Commitments under MARPOL Annex VI,” (29 pp, 727 K) presenters: Walker Smith and Angela Bandemehr, U.S.EPA
Powerpoint presentation on the Annex VI amendments , the U.S., Canada and France Emission Control Area and the designation criteria for the ECA.
Annex VI – Powerpoint presentation: “Current Methodologies and Best Practices for Preparing Ocean Going Vessel Emission Inventories Used in Preparing the U.S. ECA Proposal for U.S.EPA,” (19 pp, 191 K) presenter: Louis Browning, ICF International
Powerpoint presentation on the methodology used to develop the emission inventory for the U.S. ECA proposal.
Annex VII – Powerpoint presentation: “Measuring the Emission Benefits of Cleaner Burning Fuels,” (13 pp, 1 M) presenter: Bill Welch, University of California at Riverside
Powerpoint presentation on methods developed for measuring emissions on ships at sea and the EPA demonstration project that will measure the benefits of switching to a cleaner fuel in Mexican waters.
Annex VIII – Powerpoint presentation: “Hamburg Süd Experience,” (18 pp, 1.2 M) presenter: Peter Harris, Hamburg Süd
Powerpoint presentation about the history of the Hamburg Süd, the steps that are taken to ensure the company remains environmentally responsible, and the company’s experience with fuel switching

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