Clean Power Plan Resources for Communities

This web page provides resources to help inform overburdened communities about the final Clean Power Plan and the proposed Federal Plan Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Electric Utility Generating Units Constructed on or Before January 8, 2014; Model Trading Rules (this rulemaking will be henceforth referred to as the proposed federal plan). Additionally, this website provides resources that the EPA is making available to help communities engage with their states as they implement their plans and to assist communities in engaging with the EPA throughout the comment period for the proposed federal plan.

The Clean Power Plan will provide broad benefits to communities across the nation, as its purpose is to reduce greenhouse gases, the most significant driver of climate change. While addressing climate change will provide broad benefits, it is particularly beneficial to low-income communities of color that are already overburdened with pollution and that are more likely to be disproportionately affected by, and less resilient to, the impacts of climate change.

The electricity sector is, and will continue to be, investing more in renewable energy and energy efficiency. It is important to ensure that all communities share in these benefits.

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