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Western Lake Survey Data Sets

The Western Lake Survey-Phase I (WLS-I), conducted in the fall of 1985, was the second part of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency field sampling effort known as the National Surface Water Survey. The WLS-I followed the Eastern Lake Survey-Phase I, which was conducted in the fall of 1984 and included the northeastern, southeastern, and upper mid-western regions of the United States. Both surveys were designed to quantify synoptically the lake chemistry in area of the United States where the majority of lakes were expected to exhibit low alkalinity. These surveys were conducted as part of the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program.

Data (ASCII) and metadata (PDF) for one Western Lake Survey data set is available below. To download a data or metadata file, use your browser's "File" "Save As..." option. Also available is the Data Base Dictionary in PDF format for the Phase I survey.

Phase I
1st ItemChemistry Survey
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