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NCA Northeast Region Data Pages

Northeast Data

Log of recent changes made to NCA databases in the Northeastern region

CProb 1.0: A Tool for Conditional Probability Analysis

The Northeast Coastal Conditions, Electronic Reporting Website is under development. It includes an update of material included in Chapter 3 of the National Coastal Condition Report II (NCCR II). The website illustrates use of NCA data from 2000 and 2001 surveys, provides documentation on the sampling designs used, and illustrates computational methods using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and GIS projects.

To access this site, click here *password protected

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The Northeast region consists of northeastern states from Maine through Delaware.

The Northeast Working Databases contain all administrative and analytical data generated by field crews, state labs, and national contract labs. Data are organized in sections according to the eight state cooperative entities (partners) responsible for administering the program. Note that a partner's jurisdiction may differ slightly from state boundaries; therefore a state's data may appear in more than one section. Data in the working databases have received only minimal QA review. Partners may use these files to access data quickly and to perform a thorough QA review. Access is limited to partners.

The Northeast Summary Databases contain analytical data organized by type (e.g., nutrients, sediment toxicity, benthic abundance, etc.). Data are formatted according to EMAP convention and are accompanied by extensive metadata files. The data have received a QA review designed to catch obvious transcription and formatting errors, and to some extent, to highlight questionable data. No data are excluded from the database without the concurrence of the partner. Please note that despite this QA review, partners are responsible for conducting a thorough QA review of their data, and for notifying the database manager of any corrections. Partners may find the summary database the most convenient place to retrieve data when performing state analyses (e.g., 305b reports) or interstate comparisons. Access is limited to partners until the data are publically released.

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