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The EMAP National Coastal Database contains estuarine and coastal data that EMAP and Regional-EMAP have collected since 1990 from thousands of stations along the U.S. coasts. These data include water column data, sediment contaminants and toxicity data, and benthic macroinvertebrate and demersal fish community and contaminant data.

You can look at these data in two different ways:

Northeast NCA 2000-2006 Summary Database - View and download csv datafiles and metadata files for all NCA data collected in the Northeast region (Maine through Virginia).

EMAP Coastal Species Database (Password Required) - Select an area and get a list of species that have been captured in that area by EMAP, or Select a species and get a list of areas where this species has been found by EMAP.

Information on the EMAP National Coastal Database structure is available:

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