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NCA Northeast Region Data Updates

This log documents changes made to NCA-Northeast databases. The database-changes and log-updates are posted on the 15th of each month. Note that State names refer to the state cooperatives (COOP) which collected the data; a COOP's file may therefore include information pertaining to a neighboring state's waters.

April, 2008:

March, 2008: Year 2001 Nutrients data file updated to remove analytes not required by the NCA program and to make corrections to measurements at Buzzard's Bay stations

February, 2008: Northeast Region Working Data, Years 2000-2002 removed. Please use Summary data instead. State partners who need access to archived Working Data files, contact John Kiddon (kiddon.john@epa.gov) or Harry Buffum (buffum.harry@epa.gov)

March, 2007: Added 2005 Working Data

March, 2007: Added 2004 Working Data

March, 2007: Tissue Chemistry - Added 2003 Working Data

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