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CProb 1.0: A Tool for Conditional Probability Analysis

CProb 1.0 is a Microsoft Excel Add-in, developed with the R language and environment for statistical computing, the R(D)Com Server and Visual Basic for applications, intended to aid in conditional probability analysis. The tool uses Microsoft Excel as a front-end for the R language and calculates conditional probability and bootstrapped estimates of confidence intervals. Additionally, optional scatterplots, cumulative distribution functions, and conditional probability plots may be generated.

**Update 04/19/2011**

CProb 1.0 was originally built for use with Microsoft Excel 2003, R version 2.4.0, R(D)Com 2.0 and RExcel 1.5.  Each of these pieces of software has seen significant changes since CProb 1.0 was developed.  As such, the originally suggested installs are no longer available and CProb 1.0 no longer works.

We are planning a new version of CProb which will implement the same tools in an on-line application.  In the meantime we are providing access to the R Script along with example datasets and a script that steps through its use (available in the link below).  

If you are new to using R, feel free to contact us for additional assistance on getting the CProb script running.

Download Instructions:

  1. Download CProb_Scripts.zip to a local folder
  2. Open the zip file
  3. Open CProb_Scripts_ReadMe.pdf
  4. The original ReadMe file (Cprob_ReadMe.pdf) is included to provide more detailed info on citations, etc.


If your use of CProb 1.0 results in a peer-reviewed publication or other scientifc report, please use the following citation:

Hollister, J.W., H.A. Walker, J.F. Paul. (2008) CProb: A Computational Tool for Conducting Conditional Probability Analysis. Journal of Environmental Quality. 37(6):2392-2396. Abstract.

Questions or concerns?

Contact Jeff Hollister at hollister.jeff@epa.gov

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