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2007 Poster Abstracts

Suspended Particle Composition as a Tool for Diagnosing Enhanced Algal Growth from Eutrophication in Large Rivers - Aufdenkampe and Bukaveckas

An Assessment of the Chemical, Habitat and Biological Condition of Wadeable Streams Habitat of the Oregon Coastal Coho Salmon - Borisenko and Mulvey

A Framework for Evaluating Existing and Emerging Indicators of Biological Condition in Freshwater Ecosystems – Bowman et al.

Development and Implementation of Coral Reef Biocriteria in U.S. Jurisdictions– Bradley et al.

A Stream-Wetland-Riparian (SWR) Index for Assessing Condition of Aquatic Ecosystems in Small Watersheds along the Atlantic Slope of the Eastern U.S. – Brooks et al.

Development of Biological Indicators for New England Lakes Based on Benthic Macroinvertebrate and Zooplankton Assemblages - Cao et al.

Monitoring the Condition of Large Marine Ecosystems of the United States - Cobb et al.

Technology Transfer of Analytical Tools to State Partners for the National Coastal Asssessment - Copeland et al.

EMAP from a Native American Perspective - Cornwall

Web-based Browser for EMAP Survey Data - Davis

California Monitoring and Assessment Program (CMAP) for Perennial Streams - Emanuel and Reyes

Changes in Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast Following Hurricane Katrina: A Comparison Using Pre-hurricane EMAP/NCA Data - Engle et al.

Development of Assessment and Long-term Monitoring Techniques for Free-flowing Sections of the Delaware River: Protecting the Best of the Best – Flotemersch et al.

Ecoinformatics, Biogeography, and the Species Database of the U.S. National Coastal Assessment - Hale

Technology Transfer of EMAP Tools to the States: An Example from Oregon, Idaho, and Washington (EPA Region 10) - Hayslip et al.

An Assessment of Condition of Streams and Rivers in EPA Region 8 Using EMAP - West Data - Johnson et al.

Early Detection of Invasive Species in Vulnerable Harbors and Embayments of the Great Lakes - Kelly et al.

What Good are NCA Data and Methods Anyway? – Kiddon et al.

Impacts of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Coastal Ecosystems: A Pre and Post-Storm Assessment of Chemical and Biological Contamination - Kimbrough et al.

Assessing Benthic Community Condition in Chesapeake Bay: Does the Use of Different Benthic Indices Matter? – Llansó et al.

Environmental Condition in Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Waters Following Hurricane Katrina - Macauley et al.

A National Water Quality Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and Their Tributaries – Mallard et al.

Assessment and Significance of Phytoplankton Species Composition within Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Tributaries through a Long-Term Monitoring Program – Marshall et al.

Evaluation of Probabilistic and Targeted Sampling Designs Used to Assess Wadeable Streams in Wisconsin – Miller et al.

Developing an Integrated Approach to Assess Gulf of Mexico Coastal Wetlands Condition: Survey Design and Indicators – Nestlerode et al.

Ecosystem Services in the Mid-Atlantic United States – Paul et al.

Probability Surveys, Conditional Probabilities, and Ecological Risk Assessment – Paul and Munns

Modeling Fish and Shellfish Distributions in the Mobile Bay Estuary, USA – Rashleigh et al.

Mercury in the Environment: What Do You Monitor & Where Do You Do It? - Schmeltz and Sharac

The National Estuary Program Coastal Condition Report – Simone et al.

Nutrient-related Water Quality Indicators and Risk Factors for Estuaries of the Texas Coast - Smith and Simons

Framing the Question: Challenges in Probabilistic Monitoring of Kansas Streams - Smith and Olson

EPA’s National Study of Chemical Residues in Lake Fish Tissue - Stahl et al.

Development of Benthic Indicators for Nearshore Coastal Waters of New Jersey – a REMAP Project - Strobel et al.

Effect of Land Use Intensity on the Ecological Condition of Floodplain Wetlands of the Bayou Meto Watershed, Arkansas - Vivas et al.

Comparison of Fish Communities of the Lower Missouri (rm 0 – 545) and Unimpounded Upper Mississippi Rivers (rm 0 – 194) - Wallace and Barko

Developing a Nationally Consistent Approach for Assessing Regional Associations between Nutrients and Benthic Biological Condition in Estuarine Waters - Weissberger et al.

A Landscape Development Intensity Index Map of Maryland, USA - White et al.

Assessing the Relationship Between Habitat and Biological Communities in Virginia Streams Using Relative Bed Stability - Willis et al.

Characterization and Evaluation of Benthic Community Composition and Structure on the Texas Gulf from National Coastal Assessment (NCA) Sampling, 2000-2005 - Withers et al.

Synoptic Strategies and New Indicators as Tools in Future Assessment Methodology - Yurista and Kelly

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