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Web-based Browser for EMAP Survey Data

Wayne Davis

U.S. EPA, Office of Environmental Information, Ft. Meade, Maryland

A prototype was developed for a data browser than connects EMAP (Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program) survey data to the statistical analysis routines developed specifically for these types of probabilistic sampling surveys. The data browser and its statistical routines are available from the public U.S. EPA (web server). An intuitive web interface prompts users to select from among macroinvertebrate metrics, measures of physical habitat, and watershed features collected from Region 10 (western EMAP) and EPA Region 3 (Wadeable Streams Assessment). Data may be viewed according to geographic location, as box plots grouped by a predictive variable, or as CDF’s of the regional distribution. The data browser preserves all the statistical complexity that ensures a correct analysis, but allows a biologist or manager less familiar with statistical programming to ignore the details and focus on the results. Thus, a data browser supports natural resource monitoring by ensuring that the correct statistical methods are used by everyone throughout the life of the sampling design.

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