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A list of acronyms for environmental terms used in the EMAP program is provided below.

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BulletAAPCO American Association of Pest Control Officials
BulletACS American Chemical Society
BulletADQ Audit of Data Quality
BulletANPRM Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making
BulletAOAC Association of Official Analytical Chemists
BulletAQCR Air Quality Control Region
BulletARAR Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Standards, Limitations, Criteria, and Requirements
BulletASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
BulletBACT Best Available Control Technology
BulletBDAT Best Demonstrated Available Technology
BulletCA Cooperative Agreement
BulletCAA Clean Air Act
BulletCAIR Comprehensive Assessment Information Rule
BulletCAR Corrective Action Report
BulletCAS Chemical Abstract Service
BulletCBI Compliance Biomonitoring Inspection
BulletCEI Compliance Evaluation Inspection
BulletCEPP Chemical Emergency Preparedness Program
BulletCERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Responsibility, Compensation and Liability Act
BulletCFR Code of Federal Regulations
BulletCGI Comprehensive Ground Water Inspection
BulletCGME Comprehensive Ground-Water Monitoring Evaluation
BulletCIS Compliance Inspection Strategy
BulletCLP Contract Laboratory Program
BulletCME Construction Management Evaluation
BulletCOE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
BulletCRM Certified Reference Material
BulletCSI Compliance Sampling Inspection
BulletCV Coefficient of Variation
BulletCWA Clean Water Act
BulletDL Detection Limit
BulletD&R Demolition and Renovation
BulletDMR-QA Discharge Monitoring Report--QA Program
BulletDPO Deputy Project Officer
BulletDQO Data Quality Objectives
BulletDU Decision Unit
BulletEDCA Environmental Data Collection Activity
BulletEDL Estimated Detection Level
BulletEHMW Extra High Molecular Weight
BulletEMAP Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program
BulletEMS Enforcement Management System
BulletEMPC Estimated Maximum (Protocol) Concentration
BulletERAMS Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System
BulletERC Emergency Response Contractor
BulletERCS Emergency Response Cleanup Service
BulletERT Emergency Response Team
BulletESAT Environmental Service Assistance Team
BulletESP Electrostatic Precipitator
BulletFDA Food and Drug Administration
BulletFIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
BulletFISMP Field Inspection with Sampling
BulletFIT Field Investigation Team
BulletFR Federal Register
BulletFRDS Federal Reporting Data System
BulletFS Feasibility Study
BulletGLP Good Laboratory Practice
BulletHDPE High Density Polyethylene
BulletHRS Hazard Ranking System
BulletHWDMS Hazardous Waste Data Management System
BulletI/A Innovative/Alternative (Technology)
BulletI&M Inspection and Maintenance
BulletICP Inductivity Coupled Atomic Emission Plasma Spectrometry
BulletICR Information Collection Request
BulletIFB Invitation for Bidders
BulletIMR Immediate Removal
BulletIMVS Interlaboratory Method Validation Study
BulletIRM Initial Remedial Measure
BulletISS Interim Status Survey
BulletIU Industrial User
BulletLAER Lowest Achievable Emissions Rate
BulletLOEC Lowest Observed Effect Concentration
BulletLOIS Loss of Interim Status
BulletLOQ Limit of Quantification
BulletMCL Maximum Contaminant Level
BulletMCLG Maximum Contaminant Level Goals
BulletMCP Municipal Compliance Plan
BulletMDL Method Detection Limit
BulletMIT Mechanical Integrity Test
BulletMPRSA Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act
BulletMSR Management Systems Review
BulletMSIS Model State Information System
BulletMTR Minimum Technology Requirements
BulletNAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards
BulletNADB National Aerometric Data Bank
BulletNAMS National Air Monitoring Stations
BulletNBAR Non-binding Preliminary Allocation of Responsibility
BulletNCLAN National Crop Loss Assessment Network
BulletNCP National Contingency Plan
BulletNEDS National Emissions Data Base
BulletNEIC National Enforcement Investigations Center (OECM, Denver)
BulletNESHAP National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
BulletNHANES National Health and Nutrition Examination Study
BulletNPDWR National Primary Drinking Water Regulations
BulletNIOSH National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
BulletNIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
BulletNMP National Municipal Policy
BulletNOD Notice of Deficiency
BulletNOEC No-Observed Effect Concentration
BulletNOPES Non-Occupational Pesticide Exposure Study
BulletNPAP National Performance Audit Program
BulletNPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
BulletNPHAP National Pesticide Hazard Assessment Program
BulletNPL National Priority List
BulletNPO National Program Office
BulletNPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making
BulletNRC National Resource Center
BulletNSPS New Source Performance Standards
BulletNSR New Source Review
BulletNTIS National Technical Information Service
BulletO&M Operation and Management
BulletOSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
BulletPA/SI Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection
BulletPA Preliminary Assessment
BulletPARS Precision and Accuracy Reporting System
BulletPCI Pretreatment Compliance Inspection
BulletPCS Permit Compliance System
BulletPE Performance Evaluation
BulletPE Program Element
BulletPI Principal Investigator
BulletPMC Project Management Conference
BulletPO Project Officer
BulletPOTW Publicly-Owned Treatment Works
BulletPQL Practical Quantitation Limits
BulletPRP Potential Responsible Party
BulletPSD Prevention of Significant Deterioration
BulletPTE Potential to Emit
BulletPTI Permit to Install
BulletPWSSP Public Water System Supervision Program
BulletQA Quality Assurance
BulletQAMS Quality Assurance Management Staff
BulletQAPjP Quality Assurance Project Plan
BulletQAPP Quality Assurance Program Plan
BulletQC Quality Control
BulletQNCR Quarterly Non-Compliance Report
BulletRA Remedial Action
BulletRACM Reasonably Available Control Measures
BulletRACT Reasonably Available Control Technologies
BulletRAS Routine Analytical Service (CLP)
BulletRCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
BulletRD Remedial Design
BulletRE Relative Error
BulletREM RI/FS Contractors
BulletRFA RCRA Facility Assessment (RCRA site version of PA/SI)
BulletRFD Reference Doses
BulletRFP Request for Proposals
BulletRFP Reasonable Further Progress (toward attainment)
BulletRI Reconnaissance Inspection
BulletRI Remedial Investigation
BulletRI/FS Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
BulletRMCL Recommended Maximum Contaminant Level
BulletROD Record of Decision
BulletRPM Remedial Project Manager
BulletRSCC Regional Sample Control Center (CLP)
BulletRSD Risk Specific Doses
BulletSAP Sample Analysis Plan
BulletSARA Superfund Amendments and Reauthorizations Act of 1986
BulletSAROAD Storage and Retrieval of Aeromatic Data
BulletSAS Special Analytical Service (CLP)
BulletSBO Senior Budget Official
BulletSCAP Superfund Comprehensive Accomplishment Plan
BulletSDWA Safe Drinking Water Act
BulletSI Site Inspection
BulletSIF Site Inspection Follow-up
BulletSIP State Implementation Plan
BulletSNC Significant Non-Compliance
BulletSLAM State and Local Air Monitoring Stations
BulletSNUR Significant New Use Rule (TSCA 5(e))
BulletSOP Standard Operating Procedure
BulletSRM Standard Reference Material
BulletSS Site Survey
BulletSSID Site/Spill Identification Designation
BulletSTC Special Terms and Conditions
BulletTAT Technical Assistance Team
BulletTCLP Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
BulletTCM Traffic Control Measures
BulletTDD Technical Direction Document
BulletTEAM Total Exposure Assessment Methodology
BulletTEGD Technical Enforcement Guidance Document
BulletTMDL Total Maximum Daily Load
BulletTOC Total Organic Carbon
BulletTOX Total Organic Halides
BulletTQM Total Quality Management
BulletTSA Technical System Audit
BulletTSCA Toxic Substances Control Act
BulletTSD Temporary Storage and Disposal
BulletTSDF Temporary Storage and Disposal Facility
BulletTSP Total Suspended Particulates
BulletTTO Total Toxic Organics (NPDES permits)
BulletUIC Underground Injection Control
BulletUST Underground Storage Tanks
BulletVE Value Engineering
BulletVE Visual Emissions
BulletVOA Volatile Organics Analysis
BulletVOC Volatile Organic Contaminants
BulletVOC Volatile Organic Chemicals
BulletWAM Work Assignment Manager
BulletWAP Waste Analysis Plan
BulletWENDB Water Enforcement National Data Base
BulletWLA Waste Load Allocation
BulletWQM Waste Quality Management

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