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March 2006 | Environmental Health Workgroup Annual Meeting

The Environmental Health Workgroup held its annual meeting on March 16-17, 2006 in Brownsville Texas. Meeting minutes, presentations, and next steps are now available.

This meeting continued to coordinate efforts with the Border 2012 regional environmental health taskforces, continued discussion on environmental health indicators, and succeeded in reaching consensus on border-wide EHWG priorities for 2007 and beyond. The meeting also served as a welcome for Dr. Howard Frumkin, who replaces co-chair Admiral Richard Walling from Health and Human Services.

The EHWG will present its action plan and next steps at the National Coordinators Meeting in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico on April 26-27, 2006. More information on this meeting can be found at: http://yosemite.epa.gov/oia/MexUSA.nsf/Name/20060426

March 2005 | Border 2012 National Coordinators Meeting

In March 2005, the EHWG participated in the binational Border 2012 National Coordinators Meeting. Regional environmental health taskforces presented on their areas of focus, and the EHWG action plan was further refined and presented to the national coordinators. Below you may download presentations from this meeting; other meeting materials can be found at the Border 2012 Web site.

Regional Environmental Health Taskforce Presentations: EHWG Presentations:

February 2005 | Materials from EHWG/BITF Meeting

February 2-4, joint EHWG and Border Indicators Task Force (BITF) meetings, Juarez, MX. The EHWG portion of the meeting focused on identifying border-wide environmental health priorities (air and water indicators). The BITF portion of the meeting focused on the presentation of the Border 2012 strategy document for identifying and implementing indicators.
Meeting materials are available here.

October 2004 | Participation in Border 2012 Meetings

The EHWG participated in the Air Policy Forum in Tijuana on October 6-7, 2004, as well as the Border 2012 United States co-chairs meeting on October 21, 2004. Both meetings led to partnering with other Border 2012 workgroups and policy forums.

EHWG Meeting, 2004

On May 2004, the EHWG and the Border Indicators Task Force (BITF) sponsored a meeting in El Paso, Texas to assess the purpose and progress of the BITF. Several key points emerged from these talks, including the need to:

  • Agree upon the definition of an indicator
  • Conduct more comprehensive surveillance
  • Assemble compatible indicators into a single database
  • Train technicians to maintain the database and ensure sustainability
  • Share these efforts with the public

Details of the meeting are available here:

EHWG Meeting, 2003

October 6-8, 2003, the EHWG held a binational meeting in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua to coordinate efforts with other workgroups. This meeting identified the need for accessible environmental health indicators for research and policy planning. A summary of the meeting is accessible here:

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