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Binational Environmental Health Connection
An online interactive group for the discussion of Environmental Health issues/questions/problems on the US-Mexico border. This group is intended to put interested parties in touch with other knowledgeable professionals.

Border 2012 Web site and Framework Document
The goal of the Border 2012 program is to protect the environment and public health in the U.S.-Mexico border region, consistent with the principles of sustainable development

Technology Transfer Network U.S.-Mexico Border Information Center on Air Pollution
Provides bilingual (English/Spanish) technical support and assistance in evaluating air pollution problems along the US-Mexico border and to other areas and countries according to the resources available.

Good Neighbor Environmental Board (GNEB)
The mission of the GNEB is to advise the President and Congress of the United States on good neighbor practices along the U.S. border with Mexico. Its recommendations are focused on environmental infrastructure needs within the U.S. states contiguous to Mexico.

Welcome to Tox Town Exit Disclaimer
This is a fun, interactive site meant to inform on environmental hazards and conditions at the border.

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