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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Please see www.epa.gov/nsr for the latest information on EPA's New Source Review program.

February 9, 1981 Petitions for Review of PSD Regulations 4.14

Petitions for review of PSD regulations.
- Utility Air Regulatory Group Petition
  1. Consideration is given to the increase in actual emissions resulting from a fuel switch and the resulting impact on increment consumption.

  2. The term "demolition" as applied to reduction in capacity utilization and the corresponding effect on increment consumption.

  3. The definition of major modification excludes any voluntary fuel switch at a source deemed "capable of accommodating" and compliance with certain other conditions.

  4. Definition of term "significant" as applied to de minimus emission levels both for pollutants listed and those not listed.

  5. A "minor" addition to a "minor" source would contribute to the baseline concentration if it occurred before the applicable baseline date; however, it would not trigger PSD review.

  6. Section 52.21(i)(7) exempts any major modification, which meets certain conditions, from the air quality assessments relating to Class II areas. A source may claim more than one such exemption.

- America Petroleum Institute (API) Petition.
See (2)
and (4) above.

    - American Mining Congress (AMC) Petition
  1. The treatment of fugitive emissions, with regard to a source's designation as "major" for PSD purposes, is further clarified.

Notebook Entries: 13.4; 5.12; 6.10

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