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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Please see www.epa.gov/nsr for the latest information on EPA's New Source Review program.

May 5, 1992 A.I. DuPont Institute PSD Permit 11.5

If a source has an existing PSD permit issued under 8/7/80 rules, with a .85 percent sulfur in fuel limitation and it wants to amend its 51.18 permit to limit the amount of oil fired and use 19. sulfur fuel, the source may have its PSD permit rescinded. (The potential to emit for the source will now be below 250 TPY. This recision will have no effect on the baseline date. The baseline date is targeted by the first complete application for PSD permit submitted after August 7, 1977. The baseline date is not affected by a permit denial or recision. The baseline can only be "deactivated" by a source that triggered the baseline under the June 19, 1978 rules but is no longer subject under the August 7, 1980 rules.

Notebook Entries: 10.25; 6.13

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