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Promoting Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in the Chemical Manufacturing Sector

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

EMS Implementation Guide for the Chemical Manufacturing Sector

The Sector Strategies Program released the Implementation Guide for the Specialty-Batch Chemical Manufacturing Industry in February 2004. This step-by-step 'how-to' Guide is based on ISO 14001 standards. The systematic approach of an EMS can help facility managers improve their environmental performance, enhance compliance, and save money.

An EMS enables manufacturing facilities to achieve improvements in environmental, health, and safety performance beyond government-required levels. The EMS Implementation Guide will be the first step for specialty-batch chemical facilities that do not have a process in place to weave environmental decision making and improvement into their daily processes and businesses.

The EMS Implementation Guide was jointly developed by the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) and EPA's Sector Strategies Program. The EMS Implementation Guide is an important tool to help batch chemical facilities meet RCMS standards.

Chemical Manufacturing EMS Implementation Guide
Cover (PDF) (1 pp, 192K, About PDF) (full color)
Cover (PDF) (1 pp, 73K, About PDF) (black and white)
Introduction and User's Guide (PDF) (11 pp, 24K, About PDF)
Module 1: Laying the Groundwork for EMS (PDF) (26 pp, 113K, About PDF)
Module 2: Structure and Responsibility (PDF) (10 pp, 43K, About PDF)
Module 3: Environmental Policy (PDF) (6 pp, 24K, About PDF)
Module 4: Legal and Other Requirements (PDF) (18 pp, 81K, About PDF)
Module 5: Environmental Aspects (PDF) (40 pp, 287K, About PDF)
Module 6: Objectives and Targets (PDF) (6 pp, 28K, About PDF)
Module 7: Environmental Management Programs (PDF) (16 pp, 60K, About PDF)
Module 8: Training, Awareness, and Competence (PDF) (10 pp, 38K, About PDF)
Module 9: Communication (PDF) (12 pp, 47K, About PDF)
Module 10: EMS Documentation (PDF) (14 pp, 45K, About PDF)
Module 11: Document Control (PDF) (6 pp, 27K, About PDF)
Module 12: Operational Control (PDF) (42 pp, 202K, About PDF)
Module 13: Emergency Preparedness and Response (PDF) (6 pp, 28K, About PDF)
Module 14: Monitoring and Measurement (PDF) (6 pp, 24K, About PDF)
Module 15: Nonconformance and Corrective and Preventive Action (PDF) (10 pp, 79K, About PDF)
Module 16: Records (PDF) (8 pp, 31K, About PDF)
Module 17: EMS Audits (PDF) (20 pp, 62K, About PDF)
Module 18: Management Review (PDF) (6 pp, 23K, About PDF)
Appendix A: Glossary (PDF) (2 pp, 12K, About PDF)
Appendix B: Integration of Environmental Management
Systems and Quality (PDF)
(4 pp, 17K, About PDF)
Appendix C: Health and Safety Integration Questionnaire (PDF) (2 pp, 11K, About PDF)
Appendix D: Environmental Aspect/Impact Ranking (PDF) (20 pp, 104K, About PDF)
Appendix E: Additional Tools (PDF) (42 pp, 766K, About PDF)
Appendix F: EPA-sponsored EMS Source Documents (PDF) (2 pp, 11K, About PDF)

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