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Agenda for September 9 - 10, 1997 SAP Meeting

Embassy Suites Hotel
1300 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 979-9799

Tuesday September 9,1997

Session 1: FQPA Status Report

Session 2: Criteria for Requiring In-utero Cancer Studies

Session 3: Exposure Assessment Methodologies for Residential Scenarios

Wednesday September 10,1997

Session 4: Progress Report on Developing Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methodologies for Aquatic and Terrestrial Risk

Session 5: Efficacy Testing Issues Concerning Public Health Antimicrobial Pesticides

Panel Members for the September, 1997 Meeting

For background documents for each Session of the Agenda, please click on the highlighted title.
Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) Open Meeting Agenda:
September 9 -10, 1997

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