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Hawaii Cesspools - Consent Agreements

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Consent Agreements

EPA Region 9 has entered into Consent Agreements with a number of public agencies and private entities to address violations of the large capacity cesspool requirements. Consent Agreements are issued under the Safe Drinking Water Act Sections 1423(c) and 1445 (a).

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Hawaii Department of Education (DOE)
Docket No. UIC-AO-2006-0001
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 64K)
Table 1. Hawaii Department of Education Large Capacity Cesspools (PDF) (2 pp, 10K)

Department of Land and Natural Resources, Honolulu, HI (DLNR)
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0003
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 39K)
DLNR Schedules (PDF) (3 pp, 82K)

Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii (HCDCH)
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0011
Consent Agreement (PDF) (12 pp, 55K)
HCDCH Timeline and Group Designation (PDF) (3 pp, 79K)

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Island of Hawai'i

Costco Wholesale Corporation, Kailua-Kona, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2006-0002, May 2006
Consent Agreement (PDF) (11 pp, 63K)
Press Release

County of Hawaii, Department of Environmental Management
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0014, January 2006
Consent Agreement (PDF) (12 pp, 35K)
Attachment 1: Komohana TMK List (PDF) (1 pg, 420K)
Attachment 2: Queen Liliuokalani TMK List (PDF) (4 pp, 2.7MB)
Attachment 3: Honokaa Exhibit (PDF) (1 pg, 606K)
Attachment 4: Queen Liliuokalani Exhibit (PDF) (1 pg, 420K)

County of Hawaii, Department of Environmental Management
Docket No. UIC-09-2010-0001, March 2010
Consent Agreement (PDF) (7 pp, 615K)

County of Hawaii, Department of Public Works
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0013, September 2005
Consent Agreement (PDF) (9 pp, 54K)
Table 1 (PDF) (4 pp, 23 K)
Table 2: Hawaii LCC Compliance Schedule (PDF) (9 pp, 31K)

Docket No. UIC-09-2011-0003, April 2012
Consent Agreement (PDF) (7 pp, 312K)

Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
Docket No. UIC-09-2010-0005, October 2010
Consent Agreement (PDF) (11 pp, 492K)

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee
Docket No. UIC-09-2012-0001, February 2012
Consent Agreement (PDF) (9 pp, 2.43MB)

Jazmin Family Trust
Docket No. UIC-09-2010-0006, March 2012
Consent Agreement (PDF) (15 pp, 4MB)

Johnson Resort Properties, Inc.
Docket No. UIC-09-2010-0002, April 2010
Consent Agreement (PDF) (72 pp, 3MB)

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Co.
Docket No. UIC-09-2007-0001, May 2008
Consent Agreement (PDF) (7 pp, 597K)

National Park Service, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0002
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 53K)
LCCs at Hawaii Volcanoes Park (PDF) (1 pg, 17K)

PTC Partners, Inc.
Docket No. UIC-09-2009-0001
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 56k)

K. Taniguchi, Ltd.
Docket No. UIC-09-2009-0002
Proposed Consent Agreement (PDF) (11 pp, 36K)

Taylor Family Limited Partnership
Docket No. UIC-09-2011-0001, April 2011
Consent Agreement (PDF) (8 pp, 3.4MB)

U.S. Army, Hawaii, Kilauea Military Camp
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0010
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 62K)
LCCs at Kilauea Military Camp (1 pg, 14K)

U.S. Army, Hawaii, Pohakuloa Training Area
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0007
Consent Agreement (11 pp, 73K)
LCCs at Pohakuloa Training Area (1 pg, 12K)

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Island of Kauai

County of Kauai, Lihu'e, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0006
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 50K)
County of Kauai Large Capacity Cesspools, Exhibit A (PDF) (2 pp, 57K)

Gay & Robinson, Inc.
Docket No. UIC-09-2009-0004, April 2010
Consent Agreement (PDF) (18 pp, 461K)

Lealani Corp. and Poipu Inn, Inc. (Brennecke's Beach Broiler)
Docket No. UIC-09-2012-0002, November 2012
Consent Agreement (PDF) (14 pp, 3.2M)

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Island of Maui

Kula Lodge and Restaurant
Docket No. UIC-09-2010-003, February 2010
Consent Agreement (PDF) (6 pg, 195K)

Island of Molokai

National Park Service, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Kalaupapa, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0001
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 55K)
LCCs at Kalaupapa National Historic Park (PDF) (1 pg, 17K)

Island of Oahu

Lion Pacific Investments, LLC, et al.
Docket No. UIC-09-2008-0002, July 2008
Consent Agreement (PDF) (11 pp, 3.4MB)

The Coral Apartments, Kailua, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0005
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 52K)

Kailua Arms and Windward Apartments, Kailua, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0008
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 41K)

Kailua Palms, Kailua, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0009
Consent Agreement (PDF) (9 pp, 24K)

The Kailuan, Kailua, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0012, July 2005
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 42K)

Town and Country Apartments, Kailua, HI
Docket No. UIC-AO-2005-0004
Consent Agreement (PDF) (10 pp, 54K)

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