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Tonawanda Coke Corporation
Tonawanda, NY

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EPA recently funded an air quality study in the Tonawanda, New York area. As a result of the study and because of concerns raised by the community, EPA is conducting a multi-faceted evaluation of the Tonawanda Coke Corporation (TCC) facility to determine its compliance with federal laws and regulations. Tonawanda Coke is a foundry coke and coal tar manufacturer. The 188-acre site is located on the Niagara River about a mile north of Buffalo. The facility has operated as a producer of foundry coke since 1917 and was acquired by its current owners in 1978.

Under the Clean Air Act, EPA has the authority to require owners or operators of emission sources to, among other things, sample emission points and provide information, in order to determine whether there are any violations of the Act. While EPA is working to ensure that air emissions testing is done properly, it continues to look at other aspects of the facility, including its compliance with water, hazardous waste and toxics rules and regulations.

EPA is continuing to investigate the plant in conjunction with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and has ordered Tonawanda Coke to take immediate steps to address all violations of both state and federal laws.

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