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Imation's Imation's data storge facility, located in Camarillo, California, manufactures magnetic data storage cartridges for the computer industry. Magnetic tape manufacturing is an industry characterized by rapidly changing technology and markets, and Imation anticipates making several modifications at the Camarillo site to expand or improve existing operations or add equipment for new products. Such modifications usually would have to be approved at the time a project is about to be undertaken by issuing the source a permit to construct and/or modifying the source's existing permit to operate. However, this project allows Imation to make anticipated changes without separate project-by-project permit actions for approval. This is accomplished primarily by alternative operating scenarios (AOSs) that are described in Imation's title V operating permit (issued February 2000). The AOSs characterize specific changes and assure that, if implemented, they will meet all applicable requirements.

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