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Autoliv, Inc.


Autoliv ASP, Inc. (PDF) (2 pp, 33K, About PDF) is a manufacturer of automobile safety products. The pyrotechnic (explosive) materials used to deploy air bag inflators are manufactured at Autoliv's Pyrotechnic Processing Facility located in Promontory, Utah. During the manufacturing of these materials, reactive hazardous wastes are generated. This waste is presently treated off site at a treatment storage and disposal facility (TSDF) that is permitted to accept hazardous waste from outside sources and treat it via open burning. The company currently operates a highly advanced, Metals Recovery Facility (MRF) designed to process and recover aluminum and steel from previously fired air bag inflator units. Autoliv proposes that the technology and pollution control devices used in the MRF be adapted to process their waste pyrotechnic materials onsite rather than sending the materials to a TSDF for open burning.

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