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Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB)

Minutes to Meetings Held to Develop Final Project Agreement


Vandenberg ENVVEST FPA Negotiations


Conference Call Thursday, Sept. 26, 1996

1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. call-in (202) 260-8330; access code 9800#


Karl Kneeling,

John Gunderson,

Monte McVay fax: 805-734-1339

Terry Dressler fax: 805-961-8801

Bill Dillon fax: 805-568-2982

Janet Dillon fax: 805-988-0570

Sara Segal fax: 415-744-1598

Cece Bloomfield fax: 415-744-1076

1. Go over agenda

2. Sept. 24 CAC Subcommittee meeting

3. Sept. 26 ITG/Vandenberg meeting on feasibility study

4. Revised FPA

5. Oct. 10 negotiations

6. Calendar items

7. Agenda items for next call

cc: Sally Seymour Jeff Rosenbloom Ken Bigos Linda Powell Laurie Amaro George Hays Will Garvey George Wyeth Maj. John Smith Steve Hitte Walter Walsh


Vandenberg ENVVEST FPA Negotiations

Minutes from 9/12/96 Call

Attendance: Monte McVay, John Gunderson, Maj. John Smith, Terry Dressler, Bill Dillon, Cece Bloomfield, George Hays, Laurie Amaro

Calendar Items:

Administrative Items:

Discussion Items:

9/11 CAC Meeting

Stakeholder Workshop

Bump-up Contingency Plan

Desired Outcome if bump-up occurs:

Environmental Benefits if Bump-up occurs and ENVVEST ends:

draft draft draft draft


Vandenberg ENVVEST Negotiations

Oct. 10, 1996

1. Summary of Progress

A. Stakeholder involvement

B. Technical Subgroup


2. FPA Issues

A. Water component (1 FPA or 2?)

B. Termination if no bump-up

C. Dispute resolution

3. Enforceability

4. Bump-up contingency plan

A. FPA language

B. Include in 1301 emission reductions plan?

C. environmental benefits

D. funding

5. Emissions Reduction Plan

A. timing/due date

B. process

C. content

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