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Dow Chemical Company, Freeport Texas

Letter of Withdraw

The Dow Chemical Company
2301 N. Brazosport Blvd.
Freeport, Texas 77541-3257

Ms. Lisa Lund
401 M Street SW-Mail Code 4101
Regulatory Reinvention Projects
FRL-5197-9, Water Docket
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Ms. Lund;

This is to withdraw The Dow Chemical Company's (Dow) Project XL application dated January 16, 1996. We appreciate the time and thoughtful effort EPA has put into the review of our Texas Facility's Boiler Industrial Furnace (BIF) XL Project.

We regret that this particular project has not worked out as a viable candidate for Project XL, but we remain committed to the principles inherent in the process and will continue to look for viable opportunities for Project XL.


Mike Rio
EH&S Responsible Care Leader

xc: Wilma Delaney, Washington, D.C.
Jerry Martin, Midland
Samuel Coleman, P.E., U.S.E.P.A.

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