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Dow Chemical Company, Freeport Texas

Dow Chemical Company proposes a pollution prevention program for Boiler and Industrial Furnace (BIF) units at its Freeport, Texas facility. By the year 2004, Dow seeks to reduce the emissions of dioxins and furans by 95 percent relative to 1994 emission levels. Dow's proposal asks for flexibility in complying with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) standards for BIFs promulgated at 40 CFR Part 266, Subpart H. Dow requests active participation in developing new CAA technical standards (NSPS/NESHAPS) for BIFs to be promulgated at 40 CFR Parts 60 and 63. Dow also requests consolidated Air and RCRA permits for each BIF unit. Dow has received preliminary support for this project from the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission.

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