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Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB)

ENVVEST FPA Negotiations

Vandenberg Meeting-10/3/96



Vandenberg ENVVEST FPA Negotiations

Conference Call Thursday, Oct. 3, 1996


1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

call-in (202) 260-8330; access code 9800#

Attendees:Karl Kneeling, John Gunderson, Monte McVay fax: 805-734-1339

Terry Dressler fax: 805-961-8801

Bill Dillon fax: 805-568-2982

anet Dillon fax: 805-988-0570

Sara Segal fax: 415-744-1598

Cece Bloomfield fax: 415-744-1076


1. Go over agenda

2. Rule 1301 Emissions Reduction Plan

3. Revised FPA

.4. Calendar items

5. Agenda items for Oct. 10 meeting

cc: Sally Seymour Jeff Rosenbloom Ken Bigos Linda Powell Laurie Amaro George Hays Will Garvey George Wyeth Maj. John Smith Steve Hitte Walter Walsh


Vandenberg ENVVEST FPA Negotiations

Minutes from 9/26/96 Call

Attendance: Monte McVay, Terry Dressler, Cece Bloomfield, Walter Walsh, Sara Segal

Calendar Items:

Discussion Items:

9/24 CAC Subcommittee Meeting

early Oct. - preliminary site visits, shorten short lis

Oct. 18 - mail out RFP

Nov. 15 - complete source evaluation assessment

Nov/Dec - bring vendors to site to refine proposals

Dec. 31 - complete feasibility study

Feb. 17 - final execution plan

Oct. 10 Negotiation

* All parties agreed that it would be helpful to have Laurie Amaro facilitate the Oct. 10 meeting.


draft draft draft draft AGENDA (revised 9/27)

Vandenberg ENVVEST Negotiations Oct. 10, 1996

1. Go over agenda

2. Summary of Progress

A. Stakeholder involvement

B. Technical Subgroup


D. Water component

3. Emissions Reduction Plan

A. timing/due date Nov. 30

B. process

C. content

4. FPA Issues

A. Termination if no bump-up

B. Dispute resolution

5. Enforceability

6. Bump-up contingency plan

A. FPA language

B. Include in Rule 1301 emissions reductions plan?

C. environmental benefits

D. funding

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