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Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB)

Public Participation Process




The CAC consists of two community appointees designated by each Air District board member.

Another existing community advisory committee will be asked to participate in Project ENVVEST water initiative: the Santa Barbara County Community Toxic Advisory Committee to Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Involvement of Representatives of a Broad Spectrum of Community Organizations

VAFB desires to establish on-going dialogue with a broad spectrum of the community for the duration of Project ENVVEST. It is desirable that the same individuals continue their involvement so that the Project can be evaluated at regular intervals for measuring progress toward milestones and for suggestions on any adjustments that may be necessary.

Therefore, representatives of a broad spectrum of organization in the vicinity of VAFB and throughout the County will be invited to participate. These individuals will be considering both air and water initiatives, either together or separately as the schedules for the initiatives dictate.

Involvement of the Broader Public

The media will be requested to commit to providing the public with knowledge that Project ENVVEST has been initiated at VAFB and information about the Project as it develops.

Second, the following entities will be contacted, introduced to Project ENVVEST, and invited to participate in its development:

County city managers' meeting
County cit council representatives' meeting
each city council or pertinent city council committee
County chambers of commerce
local service clubs

Third, the following individuals known to have an interest in VAFB's Project ENVVEST will be personally contacted:

each member of the District Air Board
each local legislator's office
Marc Chytilo of Environmental Defense Center
local environmental organizations
Santa Ynez Tribal Elders Council


Copies of the first draft of the FPA will be distributed to each interested entity or person listed above, as they are contacted.
Sixth, VAFB will offer to send the final negotiated FPA to all above entities which so request, to broaden public comment on the FPA.

Involvement of community boards during negotiation of the FPA

The three existing community boards identified above, the RAB, CAC, and CTAC, will be asked to take part in the development of the FPA.

Such boards may wish to establish ENVVEST subcommittees and/or additional members/some members of these boards may choose to participate in the ENVVEST process as individuals. It is especially hoped that members of these boards who live near VAFB will participate in the ENVVEST process.

Those members representing the boards in the ENVVEST process will receive information and be asked to provide feedback during critical times in the negotiation of the FPA for VAFB's Project ENVVEST. Critical times include deciding on the elements of the FPA and breaking the FPA into sections. Thus, these existing community boards will not take part in the negotiation of the FPA, but they will be involved with its development. [Insert calendar of board meetings.]

Member of each board will be asked to attend the workshop described below. During the break-out sessions, a member from each of these board will be asked to meet with each break-out group to speed the learning curve of the invited community representatives. For the same reason, invited community representatives at the work shop will be encouraged to contact board members after the workshop to answer any later questions they may have or refer them to the appropriate contact person.

Public workshop

Representatives from approximately one hundred organizations will be invited to participate in development of the FPA. These representatives will be asked to commit to attend two events:

1) a bus tour of the relevant parts of VAFB so that they can see the environment under discussion and begin to formulate questions and concerns, and

2) a half-day workshop on ENVVEST.

Along with the invitation, information packets will be included, explaining vocabulary and concepts necessary to understand the air quality and water quality ENVVEST initiatives as well as copies of these initiatives. As provided above, these community representatives will also receive copies of the draft FPA.

There will be an announcement of this workshop in the media, and any interested member of the public who makes a reservation for the workshop can attend.

At the workshop, there will be presentations by the US EPA, the SBCAPCD, and the CCRWQCB. Following these presentations, participants will break into about eleven small discussion groups, each comprised of individuals in the following categories:

residents & workers
environmental organizations
trade organizations
community organizations
elected officials
agency personnel
economic development associations

As mentioned above, a RAB, CAC, and CTAC board member will be asked to meet with each small group to speed the learning curve of the invited community representatives.

During the break-out sessions, US EPA, the SBCAPCD, and the CCRWQCB representatives will make themselves available as questions are directed to them by the break-out groups.

The questions, comments, and suggestions for the FPA of each small discussion group will be recorded, compiled, and provided to US EPA, SBCAPCD, and CCRWQCB as a complete, unedited record of the questions, suggestions, and concerns expressed at the workshop.

VAFB will commit to finding answers for any questions remaining unanswered at the end of the workshop. A record of such questions and responses shall be attached to the final FPA.

Board representatives and interested individual members will be asked to provide their background and experience in air or water quality issues to answer questions raised by community representatives after the workshop.

VAFB will provide copies of later drafts of the FPA to each participant at the workshop who requests them on a sign-up sheet at the exit from the workshop.

The record of the workshop will be made available to any workshop participant who requests it.

Notification and education of the broader public

VAFB will palace an ad in the major newspaper in the Lompoc Record, the Santa Maria Times, and the Santa Barbara News-Press notifying the public of its intent to develop a FPA with US EPA, the SBCAPCD, and the CCRWQCB. The public will be invited to request inclusion on a mailing list for information on ENVVEST.

This notice, any news releases, and articles on VAFB ENVVEST will be provided to SBCAPCD, USEPA and CCRWQCB for their review prior to release.

A presentation/questions-answer session with the media will be held to acquaint the media with Project ENVVEST. VAFB will ask the media to commit to publicize notices of board meetings at which Project ENVVEST will be an agenda item, the public workshop with invited community representatives, and other meetings which the broader public might desire to attend relating to Project ENVVEST.

The media will be provided with background on the project description, the intended stakeholder involvement process, and contact information for VAFB, US EPA, SBCAPCD, CCRWQCB, and other regulatory agencies.

Second, the previously-listed community entities other than the three community boards will be contacted within a week of the notice of intent to develop an FPA, with respects for agenda time for VAFB, SBCAPCD and, if they can attend, the USEPA and CCRWQCB. These presentations will provide an introduction to VAFB's Project ENVVEST initiatives, so that questions or comments raised by constituents can be intelligently addressed.

Third, the listed individuals known to have an interest in VAFB's Project ENVVEST will be personally contacted within a week of the above notice of intent to arrange for appointments for representatives of VAFB to discuss any concerns they may have.

Fourth, VAFB will draft articles understandable tot he public and request editorials on ENVVEST and what it means to the community quarterly, to appear in local newspapers.

Fifth, VAFB will contact local radio and television stations and offer to appear on talk programs quarterly to explain VAFB's Project ENVVEST and what it means to the community. SBAPCD, USEPA, and CCRWQCB will be invited to participate in any local radio or television appearances, with the consent of the station.


Stakeholder participation in plan for tracking progress

As part of the half-day workshop, representatives from a broad spectrum of community organizations will be asked for suggestions on tracking and insuring progress toward milestones, to be drafted into the FPA. These suggestions will not only be recorded and distributed to the agencies, but the agencies will have an opportunity to discuss this topic in their presentations at the beginning of the workshop.

30 day public comment period prior to EPA approval

When US EPA gives notice of its 15-30 day public comment period after negotiation of both FPA's, stakeholders will be anticipating this further opportunity for further review and comment. As earlier provided, all of the above-mentioned organizations, entities, and individuals will receive copies of the draft FPA. Specific suggestions for tracking and insuring progress toward milestones can be incorporated into the implementation phase of Project ENVVEST.

After final project agreement signed

Data tracking progress will continually be made readily available to stakeholders for independent analysis and evaluation.

All of the above-mentioned organizations, entities, and individuals will be invited to quarterly meetings tracing progress and verifying such progress with data summaries. At these quarterly meetings, there will be opportunity for reevaluation and suggestions for formulating any necessary adjustments in milestones, time lines, technologies for achieving the emission reduction goals, and methodologies for verification of those emission reductions.


As notification of and dialogue with the public proceeds, it may be necessary or desirable to make changes in this public participation plan. VAFB reserves the right to amend this plan accordingly, after consultation with US EPA, the SBCAPCD, and the SCWQCB.



Nedra DeLama
Public Affairs
Environmental Manager's Office

(805) 734-8232 x6-2071


Sara Segal
Federal Facilities Coordinator

(415) 744-1569


Terry Dressler
Manager of Regulatory Compliance Division

(805) 961-8929


Michael Higgins, Associate Engineer

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