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Letter from Maggie Kildee to Tom Zosel


July 10, 1995

Thomas W. Zosel
3M, Manager, Environmental Initiatives
PO Box 33331
St. Paul, MN 55133-3331

Dear Mr. Zosel,

I want to congratulate 3M on once again showing its leadership in the environmental arena by proposing to become a "role-model" corporation In the "Beyond Compliance" Project XL program.

I have appreciated the presentations made by 3M regarding this outstanding opportunity. I am committed, wherever possible, to ensure that environmental regulations are outcome-based to give businesses maximum flexibility in how the regulations are achieved while still cleaning up the air. Project XL moves us in that direction.

Based upon 3M's excellent environmental history in Ventura County, I strongly support 3M as being one of the initial "role-model" corporations. Throughout my long association with 3M, I have found them to always be an environmental leader. They have been both an economic strength to Ventura County and a good neighbor to the community. We have already seen, through the establishment of the Clean Air Fund, the willingness of 3M to do more than their fair share in cleaning up the air.

Ventura County substantially benefited from 3M's sale of emission credits to Proctor and Gamble, which allowed Proctor and Gamble to expand and create 250 jobs. 3M then donated the $1.5 million in proceeds to the County of Ventura for an air quality improvement fund. The emission reductions created through the Clean Air Fund projects have now exceeded the emissions that were transferred to P&G.

Thomas W. Zosel

July 10, 1995
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There is no question that by working in conjunction with the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District, a performance-based permit can be developed that serves both the county and 3M well. 3M has already indicated it would be willing to once again donate emission credit proceeds to the Clean Air Fund.

I fully support your application to the US EPA to become a "role-model" corporation through participation in the Project XL program, which I see as being beneficial to both 3M and to all the residents of Ventura County.


Supervisor, Third District

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