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Letter from Edna Ray to Felicia Marcus

of Ventura County

July 6, 1995

US EPA, Region 9
Felicia Marcus, Regional Administrator
75 Hawthorne Street, 18th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Dear Ms. Marcus:

I attended the 3M meeting on June 6th at the Tower Club, also in attendance were my two associate directors Barbara Weinberg and Jerry Leavitt.

We are supportive of the 3M Proposal as presented and are gratified that so many Ventura County organizations are involved in the process of working toward a cleaner environment in Ventura County.

We appreciate the initiative and leadership of 3M in bringing us together.


Edna V. Ray
Executive Director

Linda Powell, US EPA, Region 9
John Kessler, US EPA
David Gardner, US EPA
Tom Zosel, 3M Corporate

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