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Electronic Reading Room: Science Reviews Previously Released under FOIA

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

The Office of Pesticide Programs evaluates scientific data submitted by pesticide registrants in support of pesticide registration to assess potential human health and environmental effects. These studies are conducted with active ingredients, inert ingredients, and product formulations in accordance with EPA guidelines, and generally fall under the subject areas of toxicology, environmental fate and groundwater, ecological effects, residue chemistry, product chemistry, and efficacy. These evaluations are called science reviews or data evaluation records (DERs).

Due to a variety of circumstances, some records cannot be made fully accessible under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended in 1998), therefore, if a person requesting a document needs accommodations due to a disability, additional assistance is available. The following three individuals serve as direct contacts by email and telephone to assist individuals who may need information not accessible to them:

How to request science reviews previously released under FOIA

Requesting science reviews appearing on the previously released indices will speed processing of your request and reduce the fees you are likely to incur. Include the chemical name and the OPP pesticide chemical (PC) code when submitting a FOIA request for science reviews previously released under FOIA. To request individual reviews, cut and paste citations from our Web indices and add them to your request letter or email. To request all reviews for a chemical, simply state that you want all science reviews previously released under FOIA for that specific chemical. There may be duplication fees associated with your request, but you will not incur search or review charges.

Chemicals can be searched alphabetically or numerically by PC code.

How to search the indices alphabetically

Chemicals are listed alphabetically by name. Leading numbers and prefixes are ignored; for example 2-4,D will be found under D and sec-Butylamine will be found under B. Most of the listed chemicals are active ingredients. Some product names and synonyms have been included. The letter-links below will take you to the pesticide names; the names link to individual indices.


How to search the indices numerically

Chemicals are listed numerically by their six-digit PC Code. There are five separate ranges of PC Codes from which to choose. The selected PC Code number range will take you to the list of chemicals by PC Code which fall under the selected range. Please note that some product names and synonyms have been included. You may now select the desired PC Code below.

000101-034801 034803-069207 070701-107105 107107-128924 128925-999999

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