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Greenacres: Resources for Re-Seeding
Wisconsin Resources 

Curtis, J.T. The Vegetation of Wisconsin. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 1971.

Nichols, S. and L. Entine. Prairie Primer. Madison: University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service Publication G2736. 1978. 43 pp. (Note: The University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension is currently preparing a new edition.)

Rock, H.W. Prairie Propagation Handbook. Wehr Nature Center. Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Department of Parks and Recreation. 1981.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Regional Lists of Prairie Herbs and Forest Trees for Highway Right-of-Ways Restoration and Management:

Extracted from the Wisconsin Plant Ecology Laboratory Files. Project No. 0072-07-10, prepared for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, by Charles E. Umbanhowar, Jr., June 11, 1990, of the University of Wisconsin Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Botany, Madison, WI 53706.

Report Summary: Species lists of native vegetation in Wisconsin are provided in this reports as a guide to restoration and management of Wisconsin right-of-ways. Included are regional lists of prairie species, forest trees and species appropriate to northern Wisconsin right-of-ways. The report provides background and technical information on the preparation of species lists and makes recommendations for the use of the lists. Final recommendations for right-of-ways management and restoration are made and include (1) the need for a comprehensive survey of native vegetation along Wisconsin highways and (2) concern for the genetic consequences of restoration.

U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Wild Ones
Natural Landscapers, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1274
Appleton, Wisconsin  54912-1274
Tel:  (877) 394-9453

The Wild Ones is a non-profit organization interested in natural landscaping using native species. Their mission is to share information with members and communities at the plants-roots' level; to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound practices.


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