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Native Prairie Plants 

A prairie is the native grassland of central North America.  Hundreds of species of grasses, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, and other animals make this rich ecosystem.  A prairie has few or no trees and is dependent on fire (or controlled burns) for regeneration.  Although once abundant in the Great Lakes basin, many prairie ecosystems were converted to farms, industrial, urban and suburban areas.  Less than 1% of the native Illinois prairies remain.  These are examples of prairie plants that can be integrated into corporate and residential landscapes.
photo of shooting-star in Chiwaukee Prairie, Wisconsin
(Dodecatheon meadia)
 Chiwaukee Prairie, Wisconsin
photo of indian grass in Wolf Road Prairie, Illinois
Wolf Road Prairie, Illinois
Image Courtesy of
Save The Prairie Society

photo of Tall Mix in Wolf Road Prairie, Illinois
Wolf Road Prairie, Illinois

Bergamot, prairie dock,
cone flowers, liatris spikada, goldenrod
Image Courtesy of Save The Prairie Society

photo of prairie at the AT&T Campus
Prairie at the AT&T Campus


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