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Natural Landscaping Tool Kit

An Annotated Slide Collection

How to Use the Slide Collection

The Annotated Slide Collection contains 50 slides selected for their ability to define natural landscaping and explain its benefits, to illustrate applications of natural landscaping, and to demonstrate installation and management techniques.

The collection has not been conceived as a "slide show" but rather as a set of slides a user can select from to develop a presentation based upon his or her own needs. As a result, the annotations below are not intended to serve as a script but to provide background to assist in the development of a presentation.

The Natural Landscaping Tool Kit includes two other useful references: A Source Book on Natural Landscaping for Local Officials and a poster/brochure which promotes natural landscaping and summarizes the benefits of natural landscaping.

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This Annotated Slide Collection was prepared by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under an assistance agreement. The contents of this document do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency or the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission.

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