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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.


Nevada Ecological Systems Summaries

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This document summarizes the floristic composition and general ecological characteristics of each ecological system mapped in Nevada. These summaries were generated from the Nevada Training Site Database.


Nevada Vegetation Training Site Database

Click to download the Nevada Vegetation Training Database [MS Access (WinZip), 4022 KB]
This database contains all of the training sites used to generate the land cover maps and the randomly selected sub-set of sites used in the accuracy assessment. Each training site is associated with an ocular estimate of vegetation cover information and its ecological setting on the landscape, and a polygon in the corresponding training site shapefile via a unique ID (e.g. NV062403JS06). Please refer to the Nevada Field Training Manual for more detailed descriptions of the data collected at each site.


SW ReGAP Fact Sheet / Nevada Ecoregional Component

Click to download the EPA GAP Fact Sheet [PDF, 2 pp., 173 KB]
A brief overview of the Southwest Regional GAP project (SW ReGAP) produced by the U.S. EPA's Landscape Ecology Branch.


SW ReGAP Fact Sheet

Click to download the SW ReGAP Brochure [PDF, 2 pp., 726 KB]
A brief overview of the Southwest Regional GAP project (SW ReGAP). Produced by New Mexico State University.


National GAP Fact Sheet

Click to download the National GAP Fact Sheet [PDF, 2 pp., 847 KB]
A brief overview of the National Gap Analysis Program produced by the USGS National GAP Program.


Vertebrate Species List for Nevada

Click to download the Nevada vertebrate species list [PDF, 11 pp., 66 KB]
The list contains the scientific and common names of the vertebrate species known to occur within the State of Nevada. The list is sub-divided into amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.


Nevada Field Training Manual

Click to download the Nevada Training Manual [PDF, 73 pp., 4347 KB]
This is the training manual for Nevada's field crews who will undertake the data collection in support of the land cover mapping segment of the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project, SW ReGAP. It provides overview information regarding the National GAP Program, the SW ReGAP Project and its land cover mapping methodologies, field crew duties and expectations, field equipment, contacts list, and software tutorials. This manual is intended to serve as an aid during field crew training and as a reference in the field should question arise.


NatureServe's Ecological Systems Descriptions

Click to download NatureServe's Ecological Systems Descriptions [PDF, 79 pp., 742 KB]
Each ecological system that was mapped in Nevada is described according to geographic distribution, component alliances, spatial scale and pattern, and a concept summary. Semi-natural communities are not described in this document. This information was derived from the Ecological Systems database that may be found at http://www.natureserve.org/explorer/.


Map Class Descriptions for C. Homer's 1991-92 Nevada GAP map

Click to download 1991-92 Nevada GAP Map Class Descriptions [PDF, 15 pp., 147 KB]
Cover-Type categories are listed by principal species that define the cover-type. Landscape scale cover-type mapping includes many prevalent primary associated species which can substantially occur as part of the cover-type in localized areas. This is not intended to be a complete species list, but rather an overview of the most common species associated with each cover-type. General descriptions of each cover-type and a brief distribution of the cover-type are included.


SW ReGAP Final Report

Prior-Magee, J.S., K.G. Boykin, D.F. Bradford, W.G. Kepner, J.H. Lowry, D.L. Schrupp, K.A. Thomas, and B.C. Thompson, Editors. 2007. Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project Final Report Exit EPA Disclaimer. U.S. Geological Survey, Gap Analysis Program, Moscow, ID.



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